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The next generation in surfboard performance is here.



WaveWing is a revolutionary hydrofoil surfboard fin that brings unprecedented energy - speed and power - to the sport.


Credit: Kandui Resort


The game has changed.


WaveWing will make any board of any size faster and smoother.

Lift from the wing reduces drag therefore increasing speed, and on a hard turn or steep wave, the wing acts as an extra fin providing more traction.

The WaveWing glides over the flats, and holds in on the steeps better than any fin on the market. 


7 1/2" Single Fin WaveWing

Thruster WaveWing

The 7 1/2" single fin WaveWing can also be used as a 2+1. It features a unique angle of attack adjustment when installed in a standard Fins Unlimited longboard box.

The Thruster WaveWing is available in both FCS and Futures and comes with custom 4" side fins.



~Made with impeccable workmanship featuring ultra-light honeycomb cores and high-aspect hydrodynamic foils~

~Designed on the Big Island of Hawaii for all riders everywhere~



For a front-footed surfer like me that pumps the board, the WaveWing carries speed over flat sections with ease. It responds to even a slight pump and gains speed instantly. But pumping or not, it obviously harnesses the underwater energy in the wave. It almost feels like cheating.”
— Brian Goodwin
It was small, very shallow, and very quick. I came off the bottom hard, and pulled in way deep and high. I would not have come out of it with my regular thruster, but with the WaveWing set up I was able to hold in really high up inside the barrel and have the extra speed to come out. Sick!”
— Chris Odonell on his session at Ehukai Shore Break over Spring Break

Credit: Kandui Resort

We scored 6 to 8 foot Rifles, best it has been in two years. 300 plus yard long tube rides in crystal clear water. The WaveWing fin was mental! I had complete faith in the thing, blasting through 10 second barrel foam ball rides and trim speed lines. Then we ripped the bag out of this playful right; full tail blows to ninja lip attacks.”
— Christian Enns on his session at Rifles
I surfed today with the WaveWing and an asymmetrical set-up. Worked killer! Big toe rail fin and 4 inch heel rail. Freakin ripping!”
— Christian Enns
Just had a magical session at Elevators on the new WaveWing thruster. Every thing was working. I was landing big floaters that surprised me, skimming over the flats to connect with the inside like never before, and back-dooring these little barrels that have always eluded me in the past. I could do no wrong - super fun!
— Tod
Drive: Felt good. I got a lot of speed from one big pump.

Turning radius/arc: I felt it had a good arc on the bottom turn. I could focus on the lip without concern for holding my bottom turn.

Tight/loose: It held very well but still felt loose. I felt like I could push my turns harder.

Summary: It’s a great design. I really like the feel of the WaveWing.”
— Colton G.